"What would you get if you crossed an English Bulldog with a Bullmastiff?    That was a question that my friend Larry and I had wondered about for a long time.   

I have bred English Bulldogs since 1994.  Larry has three of the prettiest, sweetest, biggest Bullmastiffs that you'd ever want to see.  For years we've kinda kicked the idea around of seeing what the cross would look like.   About four months ago, when his Bullmastiff female Maddie came in season we decided to finally find out.  

What resulted was 12 beautiful babies.  We've decided to hold one of them back for ourselves.  And one of them (the runt) just hasn't quite "blossomed" yet.  When she does, we'll be sure to add her to our site.  But for now, here are the other ten babies. 

If you have any questions about any of them, or if you would like to make one of them part of your family, please give me a call at (256) 892-2022.  Or drop us an email at puppytailmail@gmail.com   

Or if you'd like to visit our English Bulldog website, you can visit us at www.bulldogsource.com



SNAPPER ... The proud daddy!


MADDIE ... mommy dearest.




VIVIAN - SOLD - Thanks Frank




I think Peppermint Patty has more of the English Bulldog characteristic than any other puppy in the litter.   She's going to be shorter legged and shorter muzzled than her littermates.






ARNOLD (male) - SOLD



TEDDY - SOLD - Thanks Amy